eTeachables ™ Overview

As Chief Education Officer and Co-Founder of Sublime Learning I directed the educational focus of the company. In addition, as a start-up I was also involved in portal creation, sales and marketing, key stakeholder relationship building and management of the content team. Together we created eTeachables - deep pedagogical dives that explore researched based instructional strategies, differentiated instruction and essential questions to support teachers in the purposeful use of technology in their instruction. I sold the company in 2013 and remained the Chief Education Officer supporting the company's transition until 2015.

Click to watch an overview of eTeachables. We created approximately 700 just-in-time instructional videos with downloadable templates to support job-embedded professional learning, flipped PD and support for technology coaches.

With our in-house development team we used an agile approach to our portal build-out. The unique features of our portal is the focus on pedagogy and learner support rather than content, grade or subject.

Professional Learning Guides
White Paper

We created Professional Learning Guides - Planning and Implementation - to support districts and teachers as they Inquire, Plan, Act and Reflect on their teaching practice. Click the image to see example. Note: original document had video and support information built in to each page.

eTeachables ™ SMART Library

Leading the content, video production and portal development teams, we created SMART and Promethean board libraries of eTeachables focused on inquiry-based learning. We also created libraries for Google Docs, iPad, Kurzweil 3000 and Inspiration and Kidspiration.

District Implementation

Sublime Learning

I wrote a whitepaper to examine the research that supports the design and use of eTeachables to support teacher professional learning, and the change in instructional practice needed to successfully implement the use of technology in the classroom. Click the PDF icon to download the complete whitepaper. Click the report image to download the executive summary.

Using our eTeachables as building blocks, my team designed three 15-hour asynchronous courses that offered a blend of pedagogical and practical activities encouraging teachers to Inquire, Plan, Collaborate and Reflect on their professional practice. The focus of each course was the integrated use of technology with sound instructional practices to engage students and improve learning.

Teacher CEUs

Three courses were offered:


  • Creating a Cooperative Learning Environment in an Interactive Classroom.


  • Supporting Diversity in an Interactive Classroom


  • Using Web 2.0 Tools in a 21st Century Classroom


I designed and lead several large-scale implementations for districts who purchased a subscription to eTeachables. Click the San Diego icon to see the instructional video models I created as part of the initiative. Click the green arrow icon to listen to a podcast describing the impact eTeachables had in Philadelphia with their Special Education teachers.

Sublime Learning's eTeachables were recognized by various associations for the quality of our product and service.