What I Do

Helping Create

 Learning Organizations

I work at the intersection of education, business, and technology.

I am people and learning focused.

How, where and why people learn is rapidly changing.

Information and Learning needs to be: micro, on demand, mobile. 

The challenge:

  • To help people find and use information quickly and easily

  • To help people take ownership of their learning and embrace the need for continuous learning

  • To help people learn, unlearn and relearn at an accelerated pace. 

  • To develop products, processes, resources and instruction that engage and empower people

  • To ensure usability and accessibility inform design

  • To recognize and leverage variability: if we design for the average, we design for no-one.*​

I consider the ROI within any project: 
Return on:

  • Investment

  • Intellect

  • Interest

  • Improvement

I believe accessibility and inclusion should inform the work we do and the products we make. Ultimately, every encounter online involves some type of learning. As such our focus should be on the Learner Experience (LX). To design for frictionless learning experiences. If one person struggles to interact, use or learn, then we've created a barrier and limited their growth and diminished their personal power.​

I look forward to bringing a little "blue sky" to your organization's learning and development.

*Todd Rose: The Myth of Average

Sublime Learning was an early proponent of blended learning with the creation of eTeachables, "bite-sized" videos and downloadable templates.

My focus as Chief Education Officer was on product development and growing our customer base through targeted relationships, pilot projects and large-scale implementation. 

I successfully sold Sublime Learning in 2014.

My work across North America provides me with insights in how to work successfully with a variety of stakeholders including government entities, businesses, staff, SMEs, instructional designers and outside vendors in consultation, project and program planning and implementation.

Blue Skying:

  • Stepping back from the details of a task or project and looking at the big picture: the interconnections, relationships and desired outcomes.

  • To quickly consider the possibilities, ignore (for now) the limitations, to move beyond the traditional and find the innovative.

  • "Backwards design" by beginning with possible (perhaps unthought-of) outcomes.

I support companies with my knowledge and research in the area of online learning. Whether designing courses, creating facilitator support or building out large scale implementation, my experience in this field is extensive and cutting edge.


More and more learners are rejecting one-size-fits-all training based on content delivery and rote memory assessment. To work and learn in today's fast pace  environments, learners need experiences that are:

  • Relevant and engaging

  • Collaborative and constructivist

  • Flexible, with options and choice 

  • Accessible to all

  • Supportive of metacognition and reflection

Creating curriculum, storyboarding, designing decks, creating and editing copy, script writing and editing, publishing original research, designing interactive resources and quizzes (Articulate Storyline), building courses and websites and making and editing instructional videos (over 700) gives me unique insight into the realities of the design process and product life cycles.

Often working collaboratively in virtual environments I've mastered working as both a member and the lead, guiding teams through the project to get the job done on time and on budget.


In addition, it also give me the experience to accurately and realistically build out production schedules supporting timely completion and precise budgeting.

Don't hold my education experience against me. The connection between pedagogy and andragogy is narrower than you think. As a lifelong learner, I recently completed a Masters of Educational Technology (MET) from the University of British Columbia.


This degree afforded me the opportunity to research, develop, write and present internationally on the topic of eLearning, online learning, adult learning, and the application of Universal Design for Learning to each. These skills translate well as I meet with and present to a variety of stakeholders in both business and education.

Blue Skying

I help companies redefine their product or service, move from or to the educational tech space, and recognize when a pivot is necessary.

My conceptual skills allow me to envision the product life cycle, recognize how it could be used in a learning context and then build out product design, support and training to ensure product uptake. 


In addition, my skills in instructional design, eLearning and Universal Design for Learning are sought by companies to ensure their product or training is useable and accessible.

What I've Done

A more detailed ​overview of various roles and career highlights can be found on Linked In.

Instructional Design

Project Management

Product Development


Content and Media Creation

Chief Education Officer




Training creates compliance.

Compliance slows change.

Learning empowers.

Empowered learners embrace change.